Venue at University

The workshop venue is the building “FIM” ("Innstraße 33", marked on the map). Approach the building from the east side (where the small bridge is, see image below). From there you will see our signs leading you to room 242.

FIM from east side

Traveling by Plane

Passau is reachable from several major airports:

  1. Munich (MUC)

    From the airport, there is a connection to Passau by Deutsche Bahn at every hour which takes about 2:20 h. Take bus 635 from the airport to the train station of the town Freising. From Freising take the regional train to Passau, station 'Hauptbahnhof'. The last connection for the day leaves at around 23:00. The train ticket costs 23 € (“Bayern Ticket Single”) plus 5 € per additional person for a group ticket for up to 5 people (“Bayern Ticket”), but these tickets are only valid after 9am. Before that you need to buy a different ticket.

  2. Linz (LNZ)

    This smaller airport has only flights to some cities in Europe. There is a bus from the airport to Linz central station (Linz Hbf) and a train from Linz to Passau. The connection takes about 2 hours. Tickets can be bought from ÖBB.

Traveling by Car and Train

Passau is well reachable from most of Germany and the neighboring countries by car and train. There are ICE trains every two hours on the line Frankfurt – Nuremberg – Passau – Linz – Vienna. From Munich there is an hourly regional train (see information above). Tickets can be bought online from Deutsche Bahn. The relevant station is “Passau Hauptbahnhof” (“Passau Hbf”), which is the main station of Passau. Deutsche Bahn offers two kinds of tickets. The savings fare is valid only for the specific connection that you booked, if you miss this train you need a new ticket (and the old one will not be refunded). The “Flexpreis” is more expensive, but you can take any connection for the given trip on the same day, as long as it uses only the same kinds of trains. A seat reservation on ICE/IC trains is not mandatory, but recommended for longer trips, with multiple people, or on high-demand days like Fridays. It costs 4.50€ in the second class and is free in the first class. All ICE trains and some IC trains have power outlets at all seats. The first class of ICE trains has free WiFi, in second class you mostly have to pay. Other trains do not have WiFi.

For travailing to Passau by car take highway A3 (Frankfurt – Nuremberg – Passau – Linz – Vienna). From Munich take highway A92 to Deggendorf and follow highway A3 to Passau. Parking is difficult in the center of Passau, but most Hotels provide parking possibilities. At the university underground parking is possible at Innstraße 29.

In Passau

The train station, most of the hotels, and the conference venue, are located in the center of Passau and are thus in walking distance from each other. See this map with markers for all important locations.

German taxis all have a beige color. The rate is the same for all taxis in an area. In Passau it is 3.50 € plus 1.60 € per km. Drivers are required to give a receipt if requested.

The central bus station (where all bus lines pass through) named “ZOB” is just between the center of the city and the university (also marked on the map). A one-way ticket costs 1.80 €. A road map is available online.